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Strategy & Positioning, Art Direction, Tone of Voice, Brand Roll-Out, Animation, Packaging, Merchandise, Out of Home Advertising, Social Media & Website Design.

Fashion giant ASOS is taking their message of inclusivity in fashion by launching a new sub-brand called Collusion X. Collusion X is for the coming age, shaped by, and for, an audience who demand something different from the fashion industry. Collusion X’s collection is ethically sourced, animal-free, gender-fluid, and more size-inclusive. Six different teenagers, including students, activists, and YouTubers, help shape the label each year.

Collusion X’s brand model sets out to be constantly evolving, and never fixed, with the label aiming to target a new generation, while ripping up the fashion design rulebook and disrupting a dated system, they needed a visual language that echoed this.

Our solution for the visual language was designed to allow the brand to speak through an ever-evolving channel by using mixed media and a collage approach which is representative of how the brand collaborates with influencers to create their fashion for the coming age. The visual language is down to Earth and was designed deliberately not to intimidate or put off people by affordability or a lack of human touch. It is an expressive brand that is story-driven, focusing on the benefits of the brand as well as the personal stories behind certain trendsetters, we wanted to tell a different story, a story that isn’t included in the fashion industry. An e-commerce site was created as an impactful and unique digital experience but whilst still striking a balance of a very useable and functional website.

Out of home advertising for Collusion X.Out of home advertising for Collusion X.Out of home advertising for Collusion X.
Merchandise design for Collusion X.Social media design for Collusion X.

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