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Make yourself stand out from the crowd.

December 08, 2021

As the market becomes more competitive, most brands know that they must differentiate themselves, but they take the safe route when it comes to executing. Instead of being innovative, brands tend to copy the competition. Your brand must distinguish itself in the sea of sameness through a seamless harmony of messaging, branding, and product offerings. It can be intimidating to venture away from the norm on your own, but brands that are successful take on these risks wholeheartedly.......

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The difference between branding &marketing

October 12, 2021

Branding and marketing both share fundamental goals and often work together to accomplish them, but both have distinct roles and objectives. Knowing how branding and marketing differ as a business owner will make it easier to combine them so that you can increase sales and save time and money. Read more to learn how branding is different from marketing.....

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The difference between branding & marketing.

The Value of branding

September 13, 2021

Brands are not just logos, websites, business cards, fonts, images, advertisements, or customer service. You can think of a brand as a series of interactions with consumers and marketing practices that help distinguish your business, product, or service from those of your competitors. These include the visual design, marketing, communications and messaging which make up every experience that people have with your business.....

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Diversity in the design industry

August 02, 2021

Growing up as a Maltese Australian in the late 90s early 2000s, and struggling with the fact that I was gay and had no education about how to deal with that or that it was perfectly normal, made me very aware of people's perception of me at an early age. I would be bullied, picked on, and I would look around me wondering why no one was like me, and why was everyone "normal" except for me?.....

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Diversity is our strength.
Design Audit.

What is a design audit?

May 13, 2021

We are always asked, "What is a design audit and why do I even need one? Is it even necessary for me?".

We get it, the word "audit" isn't an exciting term but a design audit is something completely different, it saves companies from their visual style and communication getting lost which could see a downward spiral in the branding, positioning, and inevitably sales......

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launching control studio

April 26, 2021

Design duo Alexander Bajada & Nicholas Alexander Smith proudly launch their new inclusive design studio, Control Studio.

Their creative partnership has spanned over 10 years. Garnering a wealth of design expertise through their combined international experience, spanning across Europe, Australia, and Asia.....

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Headshots of Alexander Bajada & Nicholas Smith. Founders of Control Studio.

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