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Art Direction
Website Design

Art Direction & Website Design.

Mosaic is an award-winning long-form magazine that tells stories about science and health that you won’t find anywhere else.

Mosaic underwent a brand refresh and was looking for a site that was an evolution from their ‘blue’ seen before science-ie aesthetic. They were looking for a dynamic design that represented many stories from around the world that could tell a much larger global narrative of our human experience and life on earth— a mosaic if you will.

As most articles on Mosaic are long-form reads, every detail was carefully considered to optimise the reading experience for users. Optimising line lengths, visual cues on the page to help anchor users on the page and an article progress bar. Each article sees different artists commissioned to reflect the written content in unique ways and we designed a UI that would seamlessly compliment this experience.

Digital UI design for Mosaic. UI mobile design for Mosaic.UI design for Mosaic.UI design styleguide for Mosaic.

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