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Strategy & Positioning, Art Direction, Tone of Voice, Brand Identity, Brand Roll-Out, Animation, Merchandise, Out of Home Advertising, Social Media & Website Design.

Sproutly is revolutionising online shopping by making real industry changes to reduce carbon emissions to zero. Sproutly was founded with the goal of changing the world through retail. As part of the effort, they are creating an eco-marketplace that makes retail carbon neutral for customers, but also supports businesses in making the transition to greener practices. As much as Sproutly is a sustainable marketplace, it's so much more than that. It's a rich ecosystem of conscious businesses, shoppers, and partners working together to change the world.

Because Sproutly has an immense positive impact on businesses and our planet, we created branding that is modern, fun, and accessible to everyone. It will attract and motivate people of all ages, statuses, and backgrounds to shop and support ethical retail. Through its visual identity, the brand disrupts a disingenuous and tired sector. As a result, people gain a new understanding of what sustainability is, and how it doesn't have to be limited to a "hippie" or "greenie" aesthetic. This brand positions Sproutly as the new-school, innovative, experienced, knowledgeable and supportive player in the market.

Business card design for Sproutly.
Tote bag design for Sproutly.Flag design for Sproutly.
Out door advertising for Sproutly.Out door advertising for Sproutly.Out door advertising for Sproutly.
Social media for Sproutly.Social media for Sproutly.

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