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Strategy & Positioning, Naming, Art Direction, Tone of Voice, Brand Identity, Brand Roll-Out, 3D Visuals & Animation, Packaging, Merchandise, Out of Home Advertising, Social Media & Website Design.

When two migrant-born women of colour grew up in Melbourne feeling unseen and underrepresented when it came to make-up, they decided to create their own. An inclusive modern range of beauty products that everyone could use. Whether your skin is oily or dry, black, brown or white, young, mature, and regardless of gender, Unika believes that everyone should be able to shine.

They required a name and brand that stands out from all other cosmetic labels and it needed to be as inclusive and unique as their customers. They need to appeal and stand for all of the qualities of their principles.

Control Studio helped Unika create its name and articulate its brand through the physical and digital worlds. The name Unika is a unisex name of African origin meaning "shining". An inclusive and non-gendered aesthetic was paramount to communicating who Unika are, as they debuted into the market. Fine details and considerations were made when designing every aspect of their product and identity, the 3D product shots are representations of being a balanced brand which is expressed through the use of light, proportion, and composition. Art direction for photography was selected to represent unique people and unite them to communicate that we all come in different shapes, colours, and different walks of life. The hexagon of the product was specifically chosen to represent DNA molecules because no matter what your skin type, your age, your gender, we all are humans who have DNA.

Unika logo.Packaging of cosmetics for Unika.
Packaging of cosmetics for Unika.Packaging of cosmetics for Unika.
Packaging of cosmetics for Unika.
Tote bag design for Unika.Poster designs for Unika.
Social media for Unika.
UI mobile design for Unika.UI mobile design for Unika.

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